Latest album „Perception“

1. The Wish 2:28
2. Harmony 5:05
3. The only way 5:37
4. I can‘t deny 6:44
5. Dreams aside 5:32
6. Scream into darkness 5:30
7. Thorns in his mind 5:46
8. Sorry 5:19
9. Who decides 6:46
10. Critical Thinking 7:38

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Jester's Tears - Perception

Watch the new video "Scream Into Darkness"

Watch our video "Who Decides"

Watch our video "The Only Way"

Watch our video "Thorns in his mind"

First Album Trailer


June 2023

Songwriting for a new album has begun

We have gathered a lot of ideas, especially our bass player Bernie Huber, which will now be thrown into the Jester's Tears magic pot. Those who are familiar with Jester's Tears, know that we will show at least the same attention to detail in the production as before... stay tuned!
October 2022

Jester's Tears shirts are now available

T-shirts ( waisted and Straight cut ) with the artwork of the current album release "Perception"are now available for you onn bandcamp.
May 2021

Practicing for the upcoming live performances

After a long break and hoping to present our new album "Perception" to you - our fans - a few more times this year, we have started the rehearsals. It feels damn good!
February 2021

New recording studio - new ideas

We have used the unfortunate Covid situation in many ways. One of them is moving into a new Rehearsal Room and Recording Studio at the same time. We call it our "paradise" ;)
November 2020

Our new album "Perception" is now also physically available on bandcamp

Our new album "Perception" is now available as a physical copy via bandcamp. If you're in a hurry and want to give your ears a good blow, you can also order a signed CD directly at sales[at]
June 2020

It is almost done

After lifting the contact restrictions, we can finally go back into the studio together. Jan Vacik is doing an incredible job. Thank you for everything!
March 2020

Corona forces us to take a break

This means that we put the files of the individual recordings on each other's clouds. Communication takes place exclusively via e-mail, WhatsApp and telephone. A rather lengthy affair!
July/September 2019

It's getting serious ...

... for the singer :-)
Finally we start with the vocal recordings.
January/July 2019

Guitar and Keys

Start reworking guitar and keyboard at Jester's Tears Studio Eichenau Germany.
Autumn/Winter 2018 – 2019

Start of the recordings in the DREAMSOUND STUDIOS of Jan Vacik

Konst Fischer takes over the recordings and we have to admit with awe that we have never seen a sound engineer operate a DAW faster. Drums and bass are ready!


@ Riverfront festival Vol.5
29.09.2023 | 19:00 Uhr
@ Music Club Munich - support for proken
@ Backstage Halle Munich
@ Backstage Club Munich
@ Headbangers Open Air 2022 / Brande-Hörnerkirchen


Dimitrios Tsiktês


Tobias Dorner


Philipp Schultheiß


Bernd Huber


Mike Sauter




The remaining members of the Munich formation IVORY Tobias Dorner and Dimitrios Tsiktes record a song that can also be heard on the later CD (Jester's Tears). They like the song so much that they give the new band the same name.


Together with drummer Michael Henky, they write the first songs and start looking for more musicians. At a bass competition they talk to the exceptional talent Bernd Huber, who has won the competition. He agrees and joins the band. Shortly afterwards, the keyboarder "Willi Schneider" (ex Wagner and Pole Positon) is also brought on board.


Studio recordings for the first demo "Jester's Tears


Release of the album without a record company at their own risk and expense. The album sells about 11,000 copies worldwide in almost 30 countries. Especially in Asia, Greece and South America, the band meets with an incredible response. Numerous live activities and TV appearances follow.


Several private strokes of fate hit the band members and a longer break had to be taken, although the continued existence of the band was never in question.


Jester's Tears signs a contract with the label Headless Records and starts the studio recordings of the "Reflections" - follow-up "Illusion".


The ballad "Jester's Tears" will be released on the progressive metal compilation "Sun in my hand" by Nebiula Production in Malaysia.
Finally, in summer, the second album "Illusion" is released. Unfortunately, the band is forced to take a break again.


A new drummer, Mike Sauter, joins the band.


Unfortunately, Willi Schneider leaves the band at his own request after a lengthy decision. His successor is Philipp Schultheiß.


The band has bonded over the years not only through music, but in a unique friendship. The shared experiences and also the cohesion are reflected in the individual songs.


Songwriting and recording for a new album begins


Besides some live activities the songwriting for the "Perception" follow-up album has started.



Jester's Tears
1996 Rockwerk Records

Different world 5:20
No doubt 4:38
Macchina dell'Oro 4:35
Jester's Tears 5:36
Pride 6:27
Some Reflections 6:31

Total time 33:00

Progressive Compilation
"Sun in my hand "
2000, Nebiula Records Malaysia

Jester's Tears 5:36

Jester's Tears
2001 Headless Records

Inside... 3:27
Close to you 5:47
Storm 4:03
Speed of pain 4:06
Assassino 5:23
Shining 6:07
Illusion 5:03
I don't mind 4:31
Letter 1:37
To me... to you... to them 4:53
The things that you have done 4:18
Everything 6:03
Unspoken words 5:18
...and out 3:01

Total time 63:54